The Cédric Laboratory

The Center for Studies and Research in Computer Science and Communication (CEDRIC) brings together research activities in digital sciences carried out at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam). The permanent researchers of CEDRIC are also all teachers of computer science, applied mathematics or electronics. The laboratory conducts basic and applied research. Cédric maintains…

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  1. Liu, H.; Li, Y.; Han, Q-L. and Ra"issi, T. Watermark-based Proactive Defense Strategy Design For Cyber-Physical Systems With Unknown-but-bounded Noises. In IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control: 1-16, 2023. doi  www 
  2. Doubinsky, P.; Audebert, N.; Crucianu, M. and Le Borgne, H. Wasserstein Loss for Semantic Editing in the Latent Space of GANs. , working paper or preprint. www 
  3. Ameur, Y.; Bouzefrane, S. and Le Vinh, T. Handling security issues by using homomorphic encryption in multi-cloud environment. In The 14th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT), Leuven, Belgium, 2023. www 
  4. Lambert, A. A tight compact quadratically constrained convex relaxation of the Optimal Power Flow problem. , preprint. www 
  5. Dinh, T. N.; Kamal, S. and Pandey, R. K. Fractional-Order System: Control Theory and Applications. MDPI, 2023. www