The Combinatorial optimization (OC) team works on theoretical aspects of combinatorial optimization, as well as on more applied ones, such as, for instance, the ones related to optimizing the design and operating of production systems, or, more generally, to optimizing the decision making process of a company.

The Vertigo team focuses on the problems raised by large-scale data management, with a strong orientation towards data whose structure, explicit or not, is complex and requires specific techniques of approximation, extraction and search. 

The Secure Systems team focuses on specification, design, verification and evaluation of systems, in particular safety and security of critical applications.

The Networks and IoT Systems research group focuses on novel network and system architectures integrating virtualization technologies and IoT devices. 

The ILJ team studies human-machine interaction questions originated by the digitization of autotelic activities such as play or reading, with a multidisciplinary approach (computer science, psychology, arts, design).

The electronics and signal processing team works on the analysis, modeling and experimentation of novel architectures and protocols for the automation and virtualization of communication and computing infrastructures.

The data mining and statistics team’s activities concern the processing of data by statistical and computer methods.