The Cédric has more than 65 PhD students. Each PhD student is attached to one of the laboratory teams and works under the responsibility of a thesis director and possibly a co-supervisor.

Doctoral studies are carried out within the framework of the Engineering Sciences Trades ( Sciences des Métiers de l’Ingénieur – SMI) doctoral school which is responsible for the smooth running of the thesis.

A thesis is a work that must be funded. The budgets come from research contracts, national or international projects, collaborations with companies (CIFRE system) or funding directly delivered by the host institutions.

Cédric directly awards on average two doctoral contracts per year following a competition which takes place in May. Other contracts are offered depending on the contractual activities of the teams and thesis directors.

For any further information, you can contact Prof. Samia Bouzefrane, in charge of PhD at the laboratory.

Doctoral campaign SMI – 2020

Project 1 – Title: “Intention-based Configuration of Information and Communication Components for Industry 4.0 Applications” proposed by Elena Kornyshova (ISID) & Eric Gressier-Soudan (ROC-ILJ)

Project 2 – TitleShared Control of Human-Machine Systems with Uncertainties: A Guaranteed State Estimation-Based Controller Approach proposed by Thach N. Dinh, Tarek Raïssi (LAETITIA) & Kamel Barkaoui (SYS)

Project 3 – Title: Optimisation de programmes multimodaux d’entrainement à l’audio 3D en réalité virtuelle : application aux jeux sérieux thérapeutiques proposed by Tifanie Bouchara & Pierre Cubaud (ILJ)

Project 4 – Title: Segmentation sémantique d’images médicales 3D par deep learning proposed by Nicolas Thome (MSDMA)

Project 5 Title: Amélioration de la localisation “indoor” par fingerprint proposed by Michel Terré & Inèss Ahriz (LAETITIA)

Project 6 – Title: Exploring the Scope of Machine Learning using Homomorphic encryption under missing data in IoT/Cloud proposed by Samia Bouzefrane (ROC) & Vincent Audigier (MSDMA)

Project 7 – Title:Machine Learning for Efficient Massive MIMO processing in Beyond 5G and 6G” proposed by Didier LE RUYET & Rafik Zayani (LAETITIA) & Marin Ferecatu & Nicolas Audebert (VERTIGO)

Project 8 – Title: Méthodes clusterwise pour le traitement de données hétérogènes et incomplètes proposed by Ndèye Niang & Vincent Audigier (MSDMA)

Project 9 – Title: Extraction de motifs et classification automatique de partitions musicales proposed by Raphaël Fournier-S’niehotta & Philippe Rigaux (VERTIGO)

Project 10 – Title: Etiquetage antimagique des arêtes d’un graphe : aspects algorithmiques et structurels proposed by Cédric Bentz & Christophe Picouleau (OC)

Project 11 – Title: “Systèmes de Communication Faster-Than-Nyquist pour canaux sélectifs en fréquence” proposed by Pascal Chevalier (Prof. Laetitia/CEDRIC) with the university of Bordeaux (Labo. IMS)

Project 12 – Title: “Systèmes MIMO massifs et non massifs pour les liaisons “Beyond 5G” et la “6G” proposed by Pascal Chevalier (Prof. Laetitia/CEDRIC) & Inbar Fijalkow (Prof. University of Cergy-Pontoise)