Stéphanie Mader

Fondé en 1988, le Cédric regroupe des recherches menées en informatique, mathématiques appliquées et électronique du Cnam. Les membres du Cédric sont enseignants-chercheurs en Informatique, en Mathématiques ou en Electronique, au Cnam à Paris.

Publications récentes

Exploring Formal Strategy Framework for the Security in IoT in e-health using Computational Intelligence
Mots clés :

WOLA-OFDM: a potential candidate for asynchronous 5G
Mots clés : WOLA-OFDM, UFMC, 5G, relaxed synchronization

Robust state estimation for singularly perturbed systems
Mots clés : Interval observers, Singularly perturbed systems, Uncertainties, Cooperativity, Robustness

Fault detection in the distillation column process using Kullback Leibler divergence
Mots clés : Fault detection, uncertainties, model-based

Search classification of emotional states for purposes of new Human Environment Interactions
Mots clés : Human environment interaction; emotional states; games; experiments; physiological sensors; data mining; classification

Evaluation of Energy Aware Routing Metrics for RPL
Mots clés : RPL; energy-aware routing metrics; evaluation.

Querying Music Notation
Mots clés : Digital Score Library, XQuery, Score Algebra, MusicXML

Cross-Modal Classification by Completing Unimodal Representations
Mots clés :

Actualités et Evénements

Workshop on Game Accessibility

Our first workshop on Game Accessibility will take place during ICEC 2016 in Vienna...
27-09-2016 - Vienna, Austria

The 5th International Conference on Performance Evaluation and Modeling in Wired and Wireless Networks (PEMWN 2016)

 Wireless Networks are becoming a necessity covering a wide range of application domains...
22-11-2016 au 25-11-2016 - CNAM

20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control

09-07-2017 au 14-07-2017 - Toulouse

ICEC 2016

 International Conference on Entertainment Computing
28-09-2016 au 30-09-2016 - Vienna, Austria