Nicolas Treves
Fondé en 1988, le CEDRIC regroupe des recherches menées en informatique, mathématiques appliquées et électronique au CNAM, ainsi qu'une partie de celles de l'ENSIIE. Les membres du CEDRIC sont enseignants-chercheurs en Informatique, en Mathématiques ou en Electronique, soit au CNAM à Paris soit à l'ENSIIE à Evry.
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Publications récentes

F. ADAILI, O. Mosbahi, m. khalgui, S. Bouzefrane, RA2DL: New Flexible Solution for Adaptive AADL-based Control Components, 5th international conference on Pervasive and embedded computing and communication systems, February 2015, appear,
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C. Alexandre, j. wallerand, j. guillory, a. obaton, j. Garcia Marquez, A 1550 nm telemeter for outdoor application based on off-the-shelf components, Metrology for Long Distance Surveying workshop, caparica, portugal,
F. GBAGUIDI, S. Boumerdassi, Taxonomy of energy efficiency methods for cloud data centers, Date de dépot: 2014/11/18, Nb pages 10, (Tech. Rep.: CEDRIC-14-3129)
F. Meziane, E. Metais, Special issue following the 18th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language Processing to Information Systems (NLDB'13),
R. ZAYANI, H. Shaiek, D. Roviras, Y. Medjahdi, Closed-form BER expression for (QAM or OQAM) based OFDM system with HPA nonlinearity over Rayleigh fading channel, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, pp. 00, 2014, (doi:10.1109/LWC.2014.2365023)
D. Watel, M. Weisser, A practical greedy approximation for the Directed Steiner Tree problem, Combinatorial optimization and applications (COCOA), November 2014, pp.200-215, Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, (DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-12691-3_16)


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