[Lat18] Socioeconomic gradients in life years lost

Conférences invitées : Royal Statistical Society 2018, September 2018, pp..., Cardiff, UK,

Auteurs: A. Latouche

Mots clés: health inequalities, survival, restricted mean survival

Résumé: Quantifying health inequalities in absolute term is of prime interest for decision making and inter-countries comparison. Yet, absolute inequalities using either rates or hazards do not translate into a time dimension, making their interpretation difficult for policy- makers. The Slope Index of Inequality (SII) was recently formalized and we propose an extension of the SII to the expected number of life years lost before an upper age as well as it decomposition by cause of death. The methodology is illustrated in a representative 1% sample of the French population. The SII in life years lost is easily understandable and its decomposition of the all-cause SII attributable to a given cause provides a sound estimation of the burden of a given cause of death on absolute health inequalities.


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