[le 15] Vocatifs

Atelier, Poster ou Démonstration dans une Conférence Internationale : InSonic 2015, November 2015, pp.xx, Karlsruhe, Allemagne,

Auteurs: C. le Prado

Mots clés: sound installation, mixed media installation

Résumé: The starting point is a list of names in Serbo-Croatian, names of missing,children in the former Yugoslavia. This list comes from a database established at the request of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The voices are the only material for short musical compositions, various versions and variations around the sampling process, segmentation, classification,processing (up to make unrecognizable voices). The installation emphasizes the idea of relocation, movement, spatial reference loss. The version with the Oculus Rift (2015) presents a virtual scène , designed like a game , with Unity a Game Engine and a 3D progression in the sound space with headphones and an Xbox pad.

Equipe: ilj


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