[PTF19] Algorithme d'égalisation fractionnée fondé sur l'EP-MMSE-DFE

Conférence Nationale avec comité de lecture : GRETSI, August 2019, pp.1-4, Lille, France,

Mots clés: Egalisation, MMSE, EP, DFE, Fractionally spaced

Résumé: In order to increase the spectral efficiency of modern digital communications, we consider more and more frequency selective channel which channel models requiering a growing processing complexity. In order to address this problem, we propose a new MMSE based equalization algorithm able to fully take advantage of the channel multipath estimation. To do so, we extend existing Expectation Propagation solutions with Decision Feedback to a Fractionally-Spaced receiver and we propose a new low-complexity implementation to stay competitive with existing solutions at the price of a channel estimation over a larger bandwidth. This leads to more than 2 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio gain on tested 3GPP channels.


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