[MTB16] Filter bank multicarrier with PAM modulation for future wireless systems

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Signal Processing, vol. 120(2016), pp. 594-606, 2016

Mots clés: FBMC, OFDM, PAM,lapped transform, wireless, asynchronous access

Résumé: The filter bank multicarrier techniques considered for efficient transmission in communication systems generally rely on the Offset-QAM modulation, which implies doubling the processing speed in transceivers. In contrast, the scheme presented here, based on the complex lapped transform, is running at the same symbol rate as OFDM. It does not require a cyclic prefix and, in the multi-user context, it provides a high level of spectral separation between users. In addition a high performance frequency-domain equalizer can be implemented in the receiver. Theoretical derivations are completed by simulations for channel equalization. With its reduced computation speed and its level of performance, the proposed scheme should strengthen the case of FBMC as an alternative to OFDM for asynchronous access in future wireless networks and cognitive radio.

Collaboration: UNINA


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