[KPP08] Concurrent Program metrics drawn by QUASAR

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Ada-Europe''08 Int. Conf on Reliable Software Technologies, January 2008, pp.101-114, Series LNCS 5026,
Résumé: Aiming at developing reliable concurrent software, the engineering practice uses appropriate metrics. Our tool Quasar analyzes automatically the concurrent part of programs and draws some data as a result of its analysis process. We attempt to use them as metrics for concurrent programming. In addition to the validation of code, some delivered data may be relevant for marking the quality of code, for evaluating different concurrency semantics, for comparing the execution indeterminism of different implementations of a concurrency pattern and for estimating the scalability of a solution. As a case study we analyze with Quasar several implementations of a distributed symmetric non-deterministic rendezvous algorithm. We consider two possible uses of the collected data for indeterminism estimation and for concurrent software quality.


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