[KB19] Exploring the Impact produced by the Industry 4.0 on Enterprise Architecture Models

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Research Challenges in Information Science, May 2019, pp.87-92, Brussels, Belgium,

Mots clés: Enterprise Architecture, Industry 4.0, TOGAF, RAMI 4.0

Résumé: These days, organizations, especially industrial ones, are facing the impact of a new industrial revolution named Industry 4.0 (I4.0), which aims to change drastically the way organizations do business, interact with customers, manufacture their products and organize their production. To deal with these challenges, organizations continually adapt their enterprise models and renew their supporting Information Technology (IT). We focus on Enterprise Architecture (EA) models as a particular kind of enterprises models giving complete representations of enterprise components. Assuming that the organization has already developed its EA models, we aim to explore which components of EA models could be affected by an I4.0 transformation. In order to accomplish this research work, we selected TOGAF and RAMI4.0 as the most widespread frameworks of EA and I4.0 respectively. We compare these two frameworks for identifying a set of potential impact points. Our goal is to assist EA leaders while integrating the I4.0 components within the EA To-Be models.


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