[HCP19] New insights into time synchronization of MIMO systems without and with interference

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Signal Processing, vol. 161, pp. 180-194, 2019, (

Mots clés: Time synchronization, MIMO, SIMO, GLRT, MMSE, Interference

Résumé: The time synchronization of ( M ×N ) MIMO systems has been studied this last fifteen years, for both single-carrier (SC) and multi-carriers links. Without any interference, most of the available receivers as- sume orthogonal sequences. With interference, the current most powerful receiver is a generalized like- lihood ratio test (GLRT) receiver, assuming unknown, stationary, circular, temporally white and spatially colored Gaussian noise. However, this receiver is more complex than its non-GLRT counterparts, which, unfortunately, do not perform as well in most cases. In this context, the purpose of this paper is to get new insights into the time synchronization of SC MIMO links, both without and with interference, in order to overcome the limitations of the available receivers. In the absence of interference, the MIMO GLRT receiver is computed and compared to the existing ones in a unified framework, enlightening its better performance. In the presence of interference, as the complexity is an important issue in practice, several ways to decrease the complexity of the available GLRT receiver while keeping its performance are proposed, enlightening the great practical interest of the proposed schemes. Finally, the optimization of the number of transmit antennas is investigated, enlightening the existence of an optimal value of M depending on the channel matrix


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