[HCB11] Social Mobility Models using Ant Colony Systems

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE Personal Indoor Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC'11 - WNHC), September 2011, pp.75-85, Toronto, Canada,

Mots clés: Ant Colony Systems, Manhattan, Mobility Model, Opnet Modeler, Social Mobility, Social Networks

Résumé: One of the challenging problems in mobility modeling on Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks (MANET) is reproducing real motion of mobile nodes. First mobility models were mostly random or with some dependencies temporal, spatial, geographical,...) but they didn’t care about the need of people to socialize with each other. The social behavior of users must not be neglected since it directs the motion of nodes in a network. In this paper we present a new approach in our effort in modeling the mobility on social networks. In this new approach, we add Ant Colony System (ACS) mechanism to our previous social models, after reformulating them mathematically. Then we develop the simulation tools we need and new models, under Opnet Modeler Simulator, and measure their impact on no dense and dense networks with OLSR and AODV AD-HOC Routing Protocols.

Equipe: sys , roc


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