[GWV12] A Range-Free Localization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : IEEE ISWCS2012, August 2012, pp.à paraitre,

Mots clés: wireless sensor networks, range-free localization, DV-hop protocol, simulation, performance analysis

Résumé: Localization is a fundamental issue for many wireless network applications. Without additional ranging devises, the range-free localization scheme offers a cost-effective solution for low-cost indoor sensor networks. As a typical range-free algorithm, DV-hop (Distance Vector - hop) algorithm has the advantage to localize normal nodes that have less than three neighbor anchors. In order to implement the DV-hop based algorithms in network scenarios, we create a new DV-hop localization protocol. This new protocol is presented in this paper with details, including the frame formats, the improvement of medium access method, as well as parameters used in deciding the end of each DV-hop step. Finally, using the new localization protocol, we investigate into some DV-hop algorithms (DV-hop, Checkout DV-hop and Selective 3-Anchor DV-hop) in terms of localization accuracy and synchronization. Simulation results show the good performance of our localization protocol.

Equipe: mim
Collaboration: IRIT


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