[GWH19] Visualizing Readable Instance Graphs of Ontology with Memo Graph

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ICONIP 2019, December 2019, pp.12 pages, Sydney, Australia,

Mots clés: Ontology visualization, Alzheimer

Résumé: In the context of the Captain Memo memory prosthesis for Al z- heimer’s patients, we want to generate the family / entourage tree of the user from data structured based on the PersonLink ontology. This graph ought to be accessible and readable to this particular user. In our previous work, we pr o- posed an ontology visualization tool called Memo Graph. It aims to offer an a c- cessible visualization to Alzheimer’s patients. In this paper, w e extend it to a d- dress the readability req uirement based on the IKIE V approach. It extracts the most important instances (key - instances) from ontology and generates a “su m- mary instance graph” (middle - out browsing method). The extraction and visua l- ization processes are undertaken incrementally. First, an “initial summary i n- stance graph” is generated, then permitting iteratively the visualization of su p- plementary key - instances as required. Key - instances’ extraction is based on measures that take into account the semantic similarity between the ontological elements and the use r’s navigation history . This tool is integrated in Captain Memo to visualize data structured using PersonLink. It is also applied for vis u- alizing a large - scale dataset DBpedia for ontology expert s and it is integrated in the context of an approach for ling uistic experts to visualize the LingOnto o n- tology. We discuss the results of the evaluation of the IKIEV approach


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