[Fad12] Problématiques d'usage et d’intégration des langues peu dotées dans le Web des données ouvertes (Linked Open Data ou LOD)

Revue Nationale avec comité de lecture : Journal ASINAG, pp. NC, 2012

Auteurs: H. Fadili

Mots clés: Linked Open Data, NLP, Semantic Web, languages, poorly endowed languages

Résumé: Poorly endowed languages have many difficulties to impose their presence in the new information and communication technologies. This is due to the accumulated delays and difficulties for several years preventing their integration in the new systems. The encountered problems are mainly at least of two types: these related to the support of the required technological constraints and those related to the creation and the dissemination of contents in compatible formats. In the case of Linked Open Data or LOD, new challenges in addition to those met in the conventional systems, concern the capability to create, publish and connect to other, data in order to make it accessible and reusable by both humans and machines. And to do so, we need sophisticated technological solutions capable of formalizing automatically contents processes to convert and generate structured data, analyzable and compatible; easily integrable into the LOD. In the following, we will first remind some important elements of the LOD and the technological problems often encountered with the poorly endowed languages including "Amazighe". After, we will review specific content-related difficulties in the same context, like these related to the creation, the dissemination and the usage. The next section will be devoted to the presentation of certain recommendations regarding the integration of the poorly endowed languages in the LOD, before presenting prospects and concluding this article.

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