[DBE14] Smartphone’s Embedded Sensors Performance Analytics

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Recent Developments in Signal Processing, August 2014, pp.274-280, Istambul, TURKEY,

Mots clés: Applications of Sign al Processing, Signal Sensing- Radar-Sonar and Sensor, Array Signal Processing, Signal Processing for Sceuirty, Signal Processing Theory and Methods.

Résumé: This paper aims to identi fy a hybrid solution for Data Acquisition, by using recent Smartphone's embedded sensors. The assumption is that Smartphone's sensors will reduce the complexity and the high cost of instrumentations. The objective is to achieve a sub-meter accuracy of the collected trajectories and to allow a large-scale deployment of the system's instrumentation, such as a help ful system in the domain of transport. Various parameters have been taken into account to identify and characterize the performance of the sensors under different Android Smartphones and tablets. Two experiments have been conducted and Android software has been implemented in cooperation of PC software, developed to retrieve the data via Wi-Fi, and to store the data via USB by a mbed microcontroller in a SD-Card. Some of devices respond better than others depending on the used mode or method.



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