[BAM13] Procedural locomotion of multilegged characters in dynamic environments

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, vol. 24, pp. 3-15, 2013

Mots clés: locomotion, animation, procedural animation, animal, multilegged, dynamic

Résumé: We present a fully procedural method capable of generating in real-time a wide range of locomotion for multi-legged characters in a dynamic environment, without using any motion data. The system consists of several independent blocks: a Character Controller, a Gait/Tempo Manager, a 3D Path Constructor and a Footprints Planner. The four modules work cooperatively to calculate in real-time the footprints and the 3D trajectories of the feet and the pelvis. Our system can animate dozens of creatures using dedicated level of details (LOD) techniques, and is totally controllable allowing the user to design a multitude of locomotion styles through a user-friendly interface. The result is a complete lower body animation which is sufficient for most of the chosen multi-legged characters: arachnids, insects, imaginary n-legged robots, etc

Equipe: ilj
Collaboration: LIRIS , Spir Ops


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