[AMK17] Towards a Secure RA2DL Based Approach

Chapitres de Livre : Titre du livre: "Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering", February 2017, Springer International Publishing, pp. 89-110, (doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-56390-9_5)

Mots clés: Pooling, Component-based approach, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Security, Authentication, Access Control, RA2DL, Implementation, Modelling, Evaluation

Résumé: This chapter deals with secured reconfigurable AADL based-control component of embedded system (to be named by RA2DL) that should be adapted their behaviours to environment execution according to user requirements. For various reasons, we propose a new method denoted by RA2DL-Pool for guarantee and control the security of RA2DL component. RA2DL-Pool is a container of sets of RA2DL components characterized by similar properties. Also, it holds well-defined methods for grouping RA2DL components together. To consolidate $RA2DL-Pool$ technology, we will put a set of security-mechanisms divided into two families: (i) Authentication Mechanism where all users must authenticate to access to the reserved services of RA2DL-Pool or RA2DL components and (ii) Access Control Mechanism to control the access to the RA2DL components. We model and verify this solution and develop a tool for its simulation by taking a real-case study dealing with the Body-Monitoring System (BMS) as a running example.


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