[ABR14] Modeling UML Template Classes with FoCaLiZe

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Integrated Formal Methods, September 2014, pp.87--102, Series LNCS,

Mots clés: UML, FoCaLiZe, OCL, proofs semantics

Résumé: UML is the defacto standard language to graphically de- scribe systems in an object oriented way. Once an application has been specified, Model Driven Architecture (MDA) techniques can be applied to generate code from such specifications. Because UML lacks formal basis to analyze and check model consistency, it is pertinent to choose a formal target language (in the MDA process) to enable proofs and veri- fication techniques. To achieve this goal, we have associated to UML the FoCaLiZe language, an object-oriented development environment using a proof-based formal approach. This paper focuses on a subset of UML constructors, the template classes. These latter allow developers to cre- ate generic models that can be instantiated for actual models through a binding relationship. Specifically, we propose a formal transformation of UML template classes annotated with OCL constraints into FoCaL- iZe specification. The proposed mapping directly supports most of UML template features

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