Available Positions
  • Post-doc, Deeplomatics project: multi-modal object detection. (contact me by e-mail)
    • Profile: PhD on machine learning or computer vision, with strong publication record
GdR ISIS workshops Talks
PhD & HdR Committees
  1. 05/04/19: S. Duffner, "Tracking and metric learning" (Reviewer), with F. Bremond, M. Paindavoine, J.M. Odobez, C. Lartizien, M.S. Hacid, C. Garcia
  2. 01/04/19: C. Adam, "Analyse des Séquences d'usage d'applications Médicales" (Examiner), with M. Clausel, T. Artières, F. Malliaros , C. Hudelot, A. Aliotti, P.H. Cournède
  1. 18/12/18: J. Huth, "Modelling Aging in the visual system and The Convis Python Toolbox" (Examiner), with S. Thorpe, E. Ros, A. Wohrer, E. Klinger, B. Gas, T. Masquellier, A. Arleo
  2. 17/12/18: K. Blanc, "Description de contenu Vidéo : Mouvements et Élasticité Temporelle" (Reviewer), with M. Cord, B. Merialdo, F. Bremond, D. Lingrand, F. Precioso
  3. 11/12/18: R. Iguernaissi, "Counting and tracking people in a camera's network for behavioral analysis" (Reviewer), with M. Daoudi, S. Dubuissson, O. Ait-Aider, D. Merad, P. Drap
  4. 27/11/18: M. Bucher, "Apprentissage et exploitation de représentations sémantiques pour la classification et la recherche d'images" (Reviewer), with C. Hudelot, F. Precioso, S. Herbin, F. Jurie
  5. 12/11/18: R. Trullo, "Deep learning based approaches for the segmentation of Organs at Risk in Thoracic CT Scans" (Reviewer), with M. Hatt, L. Chen, C. Petitjean, S. Ran, B. Dubray
  6. 12/10/18: Y. Chen, "Person Re-identification in Images with Deep Learning" (President), with F. Bremond, J. Benois-Pineau, C. Achard, J.Y. Dufour, S. Duffner, A. Baskurt
  7. 16/07/18: Q. Angermann, "real-time polype detection in videos" (Reviewer), with C. Petitjean, M. Paindavoine, D. Lingrand, O. Romain, A. Histache
  8. 27/02/18: A. Sors, "Deep Learning for EEG Analysis" (Reviewer), with M. Vanputten, A. Rosseti, L. Vercueil, J.F. Payen, S. Bonnet
  1. 12/12/17: D. Fourure, "Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation" (Reviewer) , with P. Perez, M. Keller, E. Fromont, R. Emonet, D. Muselet, C. Wolf, A. Tremeau
  2. 04/12/17: S. Lopez, "Gaze-Based Image Classificationn" (Reviewer), with J. Benois-Pineau, E. Izquierdo, B. Merialdo, D. Lingrand, A. Revel , F. Precioso.
  3. 09/11/17: Y. Lu, "Transfer Learning for Image Classification" (Reviewer), with K. Mikolajczyk, N. Vincent, A. Habrard, A. Saidi, L. Chen,
  4. 03/10/17: J. Fellus "Distributed (Gossip) Machine Learning" (Examiner) , with F. Precioso, A. Rakotomamonjy, F. Bach, E. Dupraz, D. Picard, P.H. Gosselin.
  1. 15/12/16: I. Leang , "On-line fusion of tracking algorithms" (Examiner), ISIR-Paris, with P. Pérez, D. Fillat, M. Rombault, B. Girard, J. Droulez
  2. 17/11/16: S. Chan "Deep Dictionnary Learning" (Reviewer), GIPSA-Grenoble, with S. Canu, A. Baskurt, D. Pellerin, M. Rombault
  3. 08/07/16: O. Morere "Deep Learning for Instance retrieval" (President), UPMC/A*STAR, with J. Demongeot, G. Bloch, J. Demongeot, V. Ramaseshan Chandrasekha, D. Racoceanu
  4. 10/05/16: L. Zheng "Triangular Similarity Metric Learning" (Reviewer) , LIRIS, with W. Puech, B. Dorizzi, S. Marchand-Maillet, A. Baskurt, K. Idrissi, C. Garcia
  5. 08/04/16: N. Neverova "Deep Learning for Human Motion Analysis" (Examiner), LIRIS/Guelph, with C. Schmid, J.M. Odobez, F. Jurie, C. Wolf, G. Taylor
  6. 11/02/16: S. Berlemont"Deep Metric Learning" (Examiner), Orange Labs Grenoble, with M. Paindavoine, T. Chateau, D. Pellerin, S. Duffner, C. Garcia
  1. 15/07/13: M. Baccouche "Apprentissage neuronal de caractéristiques spatio-temporelles pour la classification automatique de séquences vidéos" (Examiner), Orange Labs Rennes/ Liris, with B. Dorizzi, J.M. Odobez, D. Pellerin, F. Mamallet, A. Baskurt, C. Wolf, C. Garcia

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