Alessio Diamanti

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Topic : protocoles et plateformes d'automatisation des réseaux SDN/NFV. Encadrants : Stefano Secci, José Manuel Sanchez Vilchez (Orange)


Articles de revue

  1. Diamanti, A.; Vilchez, J. M. S. and Secci, S. An AI-empowered framework for cross-layer softwarized infrastructure state assessment. In IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 19 (4): 4434-4448, 2022. doi  www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Diamanti, A.; Sanchez Vilchez, J. M. and Secci, S. The SYRROCA AI-empowered network automation platform. In 2021 24th Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks and Workshops (ICIN), pages 140-142, IEEE, Paris, France, 2021. doi  www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Diamanti, A.; Manuel Sanchez Vilchez, J. and Secci, S. LSTM-based radiography for anomaly detection in softwarized infrastructures. In International Teletraffic Congress, IEEE, Osaka, Japan, 2020. doi  www 
  1. Aureli, D.; Cianfrani, A.; Diamanti, A.; Manuel Sanchez Vilchez, J. and Secci, S. Going Beyond DiffServ in IP Traffic Classification. In IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), Budapest, Hungary, 2020. doi  www 



  1. Secci, S.; Diamanti, A.; Manuel Sanchez Vilchez, J.; Bah, M. T.; Vizzarreta, P.; Machuca, C. M.; Scott-Hayward, S. and Smith, D. Security and Performance Comparison of ONOS and ODL Controllers. Technical Report, ONOS, 2019.