Michel Crucianu

Cédric (Centre d'Etudes et De Recherche en Informatique et Communications) gathers research activities in computerscience at CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers). CEDRIC's members belong to the school of information sciences at CNAM-Paris, and teach computer science, electronics or mathematics.

Last publications

Interval observer design for continuous-time switched systems under known switching and unknown inputs
Keywords : Unknown input ; interval estimation ; state transformation ; continuous-time switched systems.

Single-Machine Common Due Date Total Earliness/Tardiness Scheduling with Machine Unavailability
Keywords : Single-machine; earliness/tardiness; common due date; unrestrictive; machine unavailability; maintenance; resumable; semi-resumable; non-resumable; NP−complete; dynamic programming

An Incremental Extraction and Visualization of Ontology Instance Summaries with Memo Graph
Keywords :

A Memory Training for Alzheimer Patients
Keywords :

A Crisp-Based Approach for Representing and Reasoning on Imprecise Time Intervals in OWL 2
Keywords : Imprecise Time Interval, Temporal Representation, 4D-fluents, Temporal Reasoning, Allen’s Interval Algebra, OWL 2

Filtering and uncertainty propagation methods for model-based prognosis of fatigue crack growth in unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites
Keywords : Model-based prognosis, particle filter, uncertainty propagation, fatigue crack growth, fiber bridging, composite materials, variable amplitude loading.

Experimental Testbed of post-OFDM Waveforms Toward Future Wireless Networks
Keywords : 5G, mMTC, Multicarrier Waveforms, CP-OFDM, WOLA-OFDM, BF-OFDM, RF PA, PAPR, DPD, Asynchronous multi-user access, Testbed

Predicting Vehicles’ Positions using Roadside Units: a Machine-Learning Approach
Keywords : VANET, machine learning, positioning

Lab. News

A Vademecum on Blockchain Technologies: When, Which and How

Abstract Blockchain is a technology making the shared registry concept from...
09-27-2018 - Salle 33.3.20, Cedric, Cnam, 2 rue Conté, Paris.

International Conference on Machine Learning for Networking (MLN'2018)

 MLN 2018 is the first edition of the International Conference on Machine Learning for...
11-27-2018 to 07-29-2018 - CNAM