Rostom Zakaria

Cédric (Centre d'Etudes et De Recherche en Informatique et Communications) gathers research activities in computerscience at CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers). CEDRIC's members belong to the school of information sciences at CNAM-Paris, and teach computer science, electronics or mathematics.

Last publications

Hololens, Vive, Gear and sons: Toward Augmented and Virtual Accessibilities
Keywords : Virtual reality, augmented reality, video game, accessibility,

Interval observer framework for Fault Tolerant Control of Linear Parameter-Varying systems
Keywords : Interval observers ; Fault detection ; Robustness ; Control

Décisions, argumentation et traçabilité dans l’Ingénierie des Systèmes d’Information, Numéro spécial de la Revue Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information
Keywords :

Architectural Method to Design and Control Dynamic Composite Web Services
Keywords : Service-Oriented Architecture; Dynamic Web Service Composition; Meta-Open ECATNets; MDA; Maude.

Opportunistic Multiparty Calibration for Robust Participatory Sensing
Keywords :

MUTAN: Multimodal Tucker Fusion for Visual Question Answering
Keywords : Deep Learning, Visual Question Answering

Estimating Daily Evaporation from Poorly – Monitored Lakes using limited Meteorological Data
Keywords : modeling, dew point, multi-variate nonlinear regression, nonlinear least square

Enhancing New User Cold-Start based on Decision Trees Active Learning by Using Past Warm-Users Predictions
Keywords :

Lab. News

ICSSEA'17 Conference

  ICSSEA 2017: May 31rst – June...
05-31-2017 to 06-02-2017 - CNAM

ECCO XXVI conference

The ECCO XXVI conference will be organized jointly by the LAMSADE - CNRS UMR 7243 of the...
05-30-2013 to 06-01-2013 - CNAM