[CAP12] Looking behind Bezels: French Windows for Wall Displays

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ACM AVI '12: Proceedings of the 11th working conference on Advanced visual interfaces, May 2012, pp.8, Capri, Italy,

Mots clés: Visualization, Wall-sized displays, Bezels, Motion Parallax

Résumé: Using tiled monitors to build wall-sized displays has multiple ad- vantages: higher pixel density, simpler setup and easier calibration. However, the resulting display walls suffer from the visual discon- tinuity caused by the bezels that frame each monitor. To avoid in- troducing distortion, the image has to be rendered as if some pixels were drawn behind the bezels. In turn, this raises the issue that a non-negligible part of the rendered image, that might contain im- portant information, is visually occluded. We propose to draw upon the analogy to french windows that is often used to describe this ap- proach, and make the display really behave as if the visualization were observed through a french window. We present two interac- tion techniques that let users reveal content hidden behind bezels. ePan enables users to offset the entire image using a handheld in- put device. GridScape makes the grid formed by bezels act like a true french window using head tracking to simulate motion paral- lax. We evaluate the performance of both through two laboratory experiments.

Equipe: ilj
Collaboration: INRIA Futurs


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