[VGN08] Procedural Audio for Game using GAF

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : January 2008,
Résumé: Constantly increasing power of gaming platforms now makes it possible for game developers to consider using procedural techniques in making games. These techniques are actually used to create part of graphical assets such as object's textures or to generate character motion. However, sound is still a challenging domain for procedural content creation. This article presents a new software framework designed to support the use of procedural audio for games. This framework is named GAF (Game Audio Framework) and is currently developped by CNAM/CEDRIC laboratory in Paris as part of the PLAY ALL platform. In a first part, we will give a quick overview of current framework architectures. In a second part, we will discuss Procedural Audio. In a third and forth part, we will introduce the new framework proposition we make. We end this article with a demonstration of procedural musical capabilities that this framework enables.

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