[TMB07] ARDICO: an Arabic Termino-Ontological Resource Dedicated to Children Education

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : L&TC'07, Pologne, January 2007,
Résumé: A state of the art of the new linguistic resources generation (termino-ontological dictionaries) enlightens the fact that these resources are mainly dedicated to indo-Europeans languages and Japanese. This kind of resource is practically absent for Arabic language, especially concerning the commonsense notion. After the briefly description of the Arabic language specificities, we will expose our approach to construct a termino-ontological resource from Arabic children stories documents based on words patterns ontology, granted to the children education system. The use of this kind of documents proves to be very difficult as they include allegoric and metaphoric forms through which we surpass the commonsense knowledge. Thus, in this paper we introduce a new kind of knowledge, the imaginativesense which surpasses our commonsense background to consider the imaginative and fairy aspect of word notion to palliate the commonsense semantic incompatibility in the children stories documents.


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