[PEL07] The MooDS protocol: a J2ME object-oriented communication protocol

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Mobility 2007 Int. Conf.rence, Singapore, January 2007, pp.8–15,

Auteurs: R. Pellerin

Résumé: This paper describes MooDS, an object-oriented communication protocol dedicated to Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) based mobile phones. This protocol is used in GASP, an open source middleware enabling J2ME multiplayer gaming interactions. This paper enlightens the difficulty in developing mutiplayer games in heavily constrained environments, like the J2ME CLDC platform: small application memory footprint, lack of object serialization support, network protocol limitations, small bandwith and lack of client IP addressing support within cellular phone networks. This paper details how MooDS takes care of these constraints by providing an efficient object serialization protocol in order to reduce the amount of transmitted data and to increase the communication speed. Moreover, MooDS is compared with the available J2ME SOAP based protocol implementations, kSOAP2 and JSR172. This paper shows that MooDS obtains the best results in terms of encoding length, transmission delay, memory allocation and application code size, thus supplying a proper gaming interaction support, in particular for time critical multiplayer games.


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