[MAS14] 4th Order Statistics Based Blind Channel Estimation for Multicarrier Transmission

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : International Conference on Telecommunications, May 2014, pp.1 - 5, Lisbon, Portugal,

Mots clés: Blind Channel Estimation, Multicarrier, synchronization, Fourth order statistics, Gauss linearization.

Résumé: This paper presents a blind channel estimation algorithm for multicarrier systems. The proposed scheme is estimation and tracking. Blind algorithms were analyzed for a based on fourth order statistics estimation of received data long time and it was often concluded [1] that these algorithms followed by a Gauss linearization of a non-linear system. The asked, to work properly, a signal to noise ratio higher than did channel estimation is performed over a very short number of a standard transmission based on pilot symbols. In other words symbols in order to stay compliant with the channel coherence the efficiency gains provided by the blind algorithms were lost time. The proposed approach is well suited to CP-OFDM system by the increase in the signal to noise ratio that they were transmitting circular M-QAM communication symbols but, being not based on the cyclic prefix properties, it could be asking. This first conclusion has to be analyzed with more applied, with some adjustments, to filterbank multicarrier details and it will be shown that the algorithm proposed in this waveforms transmitting M-OQAM communication symbols. The paper does not require a significant increase in the signal to blind algorithm presented provides finally an increase of the noise ratio and allows proposing an extremely adaptable useful throughput and it gives a high flexibility for the waveform waveform, without any pilot's constraints, that can then be usage, avoiding the difficult time and frequency pilot location perfectly suited to the future needs of radio systems. optimization problem.

Equipe: laetitia
Collaboration: ISEP


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