[JBGa07] Hierarchical Verification in Maude of LfP Software Architectures

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ECSA'07, 1st European Conference on Software Architecture, Aranjuez (Madrid), Spain, January 2007, pp.156-170, Series LNCS ,
Résumé: Software architecture description languages allow software designers to focus on high level aspects of an application by abstracting from details. In general, a system’s architecture is specified in a hierarchical way. In fact, hierarchical components hide, at each level, the complexity of the sub-entities composing the system. As rewriting logic is a natural semantic framework for representing concurrency, parallelism, communication and interaction, it can be used for systems specification and verification. In this paper, we show how we can take advantage of hierarchical modeling of software systems specified with LfP, to prototype model checking process using Maude system. This approach allows us to hide and show, freely and easily, encapsulated details by moving between hierarchical levels. Thus, state explosion problem is mastered and reduced. In addition, system’s maintainability and error detection become easier and faster.


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