[IYW12] A Real-Time Services Performance and Interference Mitigation for Femtocell Scenarios in LTE Networks

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks 2012, October 2012, pp.à paraitre,

Mots clés: Wireless networks, quality of service, long term evolution, cooperative game theory, shapley value, femtocell

Résumé: In order to enhance the Quality of Service in LTE, femtocell architecture has been proposed as a promising solution. However, interference is the main weak point in femtocell scenarios which causes a serious impact on multimedia services performance. Femtocell interference mitigation in LTE networks is the principle objective of this paper. We propose an enhancement of the well known four-coloring method for interference mitigation by combining it with cooperative game theory. Our proposed scheme aims to provide a solution to effectively achieve femtocell interference mitigation while guaranteeing the bitrate application for real-time services. The basic metrics of quality of service (QoS) such as throughput, Packet Loss Ratio (PLR), delay and Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise-Ratio (SINR) are investigated. Our simulation environment is derived from realistic scenarios in order to study the performance of real-time service like Video and VoIP applications. Throughout our numerical results, we demonstrate the improvement of QoS constraints along with balancing between interference reduction requirement and resource allocation efficiency for real-time applications.

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Collaboration: IRIT , LRI


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