[HC12] Passive Optical Network design under Operations Administration and Maintenance considerations

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Journal of Applied Operational Research, vol. 4(3), pp. 152-172, 2012

Mots clés: Network Design, Integer Linear Programming, Fiber To The Home, Operations Administration and Maintenance

Résumé: Due to the emergence of bandwidth-requiring services, telecommunication operators are being compelled to renew their fixed access network, most of them favouring the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology. This paper focuses on the decision problem of the optimization FTTH networks under Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) considerations. Mixed integer formulations, based on integer generalized flow models, are proposed for the modelling of these decision problems for which we design a specific branch and bound-based solution algorithm. Extensive numerical tests performed on real-life instances prove the efficiency of branch and bound solving approaches for such models. An empirical assessment of the impact of OA&M considerations is also made, leading to the design of operational recommendations.

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