[GBR15] Characterizing servers workload in Cloud Datacenters

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : The International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud, August 2015, pp.29-34, Italy,
Résumé: Mastering the characteristics of the server workload is a key prerequisite in planning and good management of resources within a datacenter. However, for the purpose of research, it is very difficult to find reliable data that can be used to define models adapted to operations in datacenters and tests. Google unwounded a portion of this problem by recently publishing a collection of traces from one of its biggest datacenters. We conducted a series of analyzes on those data and it basically shows that a large part of the server load relates to non-priority applications and the amount of resources (mainly processors) consumed by servers is much higher than those required for the processing of the received requests. It also highlights the huge amount of wasted energy during processing in those types of datacenters.

Equipe: roc
Collaboration: CEDRIC


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