[EKN11a] Diverse Synchronization issues in Wireless Sensor Networks

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : The 23rd International Conference on Microelectronics ICM (IEEE), Hammamet, Tunisia, 2011., December 2011, pp.6,
Résumé: clock synchronization gained momentum in the recent years and became a part and parcel in the deferents distri- buted system including wireless sensor network, and extended its application to a sundry of industries and application fields such as military, medical, transportation to name a few. This article propose an in depth study and analysis of the different problems and hardware limitations that may be encountered and lead to the malfunctioning or non-accessibility to seamless Wireless network, hence, putting its uptime reliability in jeopardy. This paper emphasis the role of clock synchronization in a number of fundamental operations that enhances the stability between sen- sors and ultimately increase the lifetime and stability of wireless sensor networks. In addition, it provides an insight and reference guide for future researches to tackle time synchronization issue from a different angle(Clock drift) to suggest a practical and viable trouble shooting guides and solutions. Key Words : Clock synchronization, Wireless Sensor Network, Synchronization Problem.

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Collaboration: Sfax


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