[DUM05] Patterns de mobilité

Mémoire de Thèse : Soutenue le: 01 January 2005, : Patterns de mobilité,

Auteurs: C. du Mouza

Résumé: In this thesis I investigate an original approach, namely the management of queries as a process relying on events (for instance, an object enters a zone) related to the moves of objects over a discrete representation of the underlying space. A query is thus a sequence of primitive events. We introduce mobility patterns as expressions describing such sequences of events. In the present paper we examine specifically the following aspects of this framework: * comparison and aggregation of moving objects trajectories, with respect to, eventually, a multi-scale map; * on-line classification of trajectories continuously provided by GPS-like devices. For each aspect, we propose a model and an evaluation technique based on pattern-matching algorithms. A prototype validates our optimizations.

Commentaires: Soutenue le 12 octobre 2005


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