[DLR07] SDR-tree: a Scalable Distributed Rtree

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ICDE'07 IEEE Intl. Conf. on Data Engineering, January 2007, pp.296-305,
Résumé: We propose a scalable distributed data structure (SDDS) called SD-Rtree. We intend our structure for point and window queries over possibly large spatial datasets distributed on clusters of interconnected servers. SD-Rtree generalizes the well-known Rtree structure. It uses a distributed balanced binary spatial tree that scales with insertions to potentially any number of storage servers through splits of the overloaded ones. A user/application manipulates the structure from a client node. The client addresses the tree through its image that the splits can make outdated. This may generate addressing errors, solved by the forwarding among the servers. Specific messages towards the clients incrementally correct the outdated images.

Collaboration: LAMSADE


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