[Bel12f] FS-FBMC : a flexible robust scheme for efficient multicarrier broadband wireless access”

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : IEEE-Globecom, December 2012, pp.1-4, Anaheim, USA,
Résumé: An alternative implementation of the filter bank multicarrier (FBMC) concept is introduced. It is based on an FFT whose size is the length of the prototype filter. The approach clarifies the connection with OFDM and its main benefit is in the receiver, where high performance sub-channel equalization and timing offset compensation are achieved in a straightforward manner without additional delay. The scheme is particularly appropriate for broadband wireless access, to cope with fragmented frequency bands and to optimize the utilization of the spectrum, for example with the help of water-filling based sub-channel loading algorithms. The context of TV white spaces is taken for illustration. An issue with the proposed scheme is the computational complexity in the receiver and an approach having the potential for substantial savings is mentioned.

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