[ACD19a] User centric approach. Qualification of the interaction with the digital ecosystem.

Brevet et Normes : Date de dépôt: 30 April 2019 , Organisme: "European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)" , N° de brevet: TR 103 604, Nb page 21, European Union
Résumé: The present document describes the service provision to be addressed by designers and implementers of the digital ecosystem to ensure that the means by which users interact with the digital ecosystem is consistent across device types, and meet the preferences of the user. The present document addresses the role of the user accessing services in the digital ecosystem with multiple formats of device. For the purposes of the present document the digital ecosystem refers to those business sectors that interact with each other, and their consumers, using digital means. The application of the recommendations made in the present document encourage a unified approach across all elements of ecosystem that together impact the user experience (referred to as Quality of Experience) and aim to ensure continuity of customer experience across the entire eco-system. Specifically the present document identifies the elements of service interaction that should be made personal to the user.

Collaboration: Télécom ParisTech


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