Wesley da Silva Coelho

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Topic : Design des réseaux 5G et protocoles d'orchestration. Encadrants : Stefano Secci, Amal Benhamiche (Orange), Nancy Perrot (Orange)



Articles de conférence

  1. Da Silva Coelho, W.; Benhamiche, A.; Perrot, N. and Secci, S. On the impact of novel function mappings, sharing policies, and split settings in network slice design. In International Conference on Network and Service Management, Izmir, Turkey, 2020. www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Benhamiche, A.; Da Silva Coelho, W. and Perrot, N. Routing and Resource Assignment Problems in Future 5G Radio Access Networks. In International Network Optimization Conference, Avignon, France, 2019. doi  www