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Michel Crucianu
Michel Crucianu
Professor of Computer Science
Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
CEDRIC - Vertigo team - Case 2D4P30
292 rue St Martin, 75141 Paris Cedex 03, France
Office 37.1.41, e-mail Michel.Crucianu(a)cnam.fr

Research interests

Information extraction from multimedia data and identification of structure in large multimedia databases. Main recent subjects: zero-shot learning [CBC19,CBC19b], deep learning from streams [BBC18], informed segmentation for fashion item extraction [YRFC16], cross-modal retrieval and classification [TBC16,TBC16b], action localization in large video databases [SFBC15b], scalable "query by detector" [SFBC15a].

Recent projects

Scientific contact at Cnam of the Chaire Blaise Pascal of Mihai Datcu (2018-2019)

ANR "MEX-CULTURE" project (Blanc International France - Mexico, 2012-2015): project coordinator

Career brief

Professor of computer science at Cnam Paris (since 2005), director of the CEDRIC (2010-2014), researcher at INRIA Rocquencourt (2002-2005), Habilitation to direct researches in computer science (University of Tours, 2001, "Neural networks, time-series modeling and information extraction"), assistant professor in computer science at the University of Tours (1995-2002), teaching assistant at the University of Paris XI (1994-1995), PhD in computer science at the University of Paris XI (1991-1994, "Structured representations in neural networks"), MS in computer science at the University of Paris XI (1990-1991), computer engineer (1989-1990), MEng in computer engineering (Polytechnical Institute of Iasi, Romania, 1984-1989).