Tristan-Gael Bara

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Articles de revue

  1. Guilbert, A.; Bara, T-G.; Bouchara, T. B.; Gaffard, M. and Bourlon, C. Feasibility and relevance of an immersive virtual reality cancellation task assessing far space in unilateral spatial neglect. In Journal of neuropsychology: 1-12, 2023. doi  www 
  1. Gaffard, M.; Bourlon, C.; Bara, T-G.; Urbanski, M.; Bouchara, T. B. and Guilbert, A. Assessment of visual and auditory spatial neglect in immersive virtual reality: A case study. In Revue de neuropsychologie, 15 (4): 229-236, 2023. doi  www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Bara, T-G.; Guilbert, A. and Bouchara, T. B. A new step to optimize sound localization adaptation through the use of vision. In AES International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality, AES, Seatle, United States, 2020. www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Bouchara, T.; Bara, T-G.; Weiss, P-L. and Guilbert, A. Influence of vision on short-term sound localization training with non-individualized HRTF. In EAA Spatial Audio Signal Processing Symposium, pages 55-60, Paris, France, 2019. doi  www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Paquier, M.; Garapon, C.; Bara, T-G.; Mignot, G.; Le Bigot, N.; Berthomieu, G.; Hendrickx, E. and Koehl, V. Perception de la distance de sources sonores se rapprochant vs. s'éloignant de l'auditeur. In CFA '18 Le Havre, 14ème Congrès Franc cais d'Acoustique, Le Havre, France, 2018. www