Wesley da Silva Coelho

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Office: 33.1.26

Topic: 5G network design and optimization. Advisors: Stefano Secci, Amal Benhamiche (Orange), Nancy Perrot (Orange)



Articles de conférence

  1. Da Silva Coelho, W.; Benhamiche, A.; Perrot, N. and Secci, S. On the impact of novel function mappings, sharing policies, and split settings in network slice design. In International Conference on Network and Service Management, pages 1-9, IEEE, Izmir (virtual ), Turkey, 2020. doi  www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Benhamiche, A.; Da Silva Coelho, W. and Perrot, N. Routing and Resource Assignment Problems in Future 5G Radio Access Networks. In International Network Optimization Conference, Avignon, France, 2019. doi  www