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Articles de revue

  1. Wang, P.; Ma, X.; Zheng, R.; Chen, L.; Zhang, X.; Zeghlache, D. and Zhang, D. SlpRoF: Improving the Temporal Coverage and Robustness of RF-based Vital Sign Monitoring during Sleep. In IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing: 1-17, 2023. doi  www 


Articles de revue

  1. Le Ruyet, D.; Chen, L. and Ahriz, I. AoA-aware Probabilistic Indoor Location Fingerprinting using Channel State Information. In IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 7 (11): 10868-10883, 2020. doi  www 


Articles de revue

  1. Chen, L.; Ahriz, I. and Le Ruyet, D. CSI-Based Probabilistic Indoor Position Determination: An Entropy Solution. In IEEE Access, 7: 170048-170061, 2019. doi  www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Chen, L.; Ahriz, I.; Le Ruyet, D. and Sun, H. Probabilistic Indoor Position Determination via Channel Impulse Response. In 2018 IEEE 29th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), pages 829-834, IEEE, Bologna, Italy, 2018. doi  www 


Articles de conférence

  1. Chen, L.; Ahriz, I.; Sun, H.; Le Ruyet, D. and Peng, D. Source position estimation via subspace based joint sparse recovery. In 2016 IEEE 13th International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP), pages 149-152, IEEE, Chengdu, China, 2016. doi  www