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TEACHING before 2014:

at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers:

- UE STA 108 Survey sampling
- UE STA 201 Advanced Multivariate analysis


Research lab CEDRIC (Centre de Recherches en Informatique du CNAM). See web pag of the team "Statistical methods of data mining and learning"

Motivated by real problems, I work in applied statistics, and especially in multidimensional data analysis, a contribution to "data mining".
- Analysis of categorical data by means of optimal scaling; correspondence analysis
- Unsupervised analysis of functional data .
- Discriminat analysis and credit scoring.
- Validation techniques in EDA (confidence regions, choice of dimension, distribution of eigenvalues ...).
- PLS regression for functional data
- Missing data and statistcal data fusion
- Comparison of partitions

PhD. Supervision:
29 thesis.See the list.


- President of the non-profit foundation "La Science Statistique"
- Honorary President of  Société Française de Statistique 
- Past President of 'International Association for Statistical Computing, 2005-2007
- Past Vice President of'International Statistical Institute  2005-2007
- Member of  Société Francophone de Classification,   Psychometric Society,  International Association for Statistical Education ,  Societa Italiana di StatisticaHonorary member of Société de Probabilités et Statistique de Roumanie , European Network for  Business and Industrial Statistics, European Association for Data Science

Journal committees:

Revstat ,  Advances in Data Analysis and Applications  

  project leader of:  St@tNet: , a course in introductory statistics


Market studies
for various companies.
Risk analysis  for  TRICAST
L'Oréal R&D
AFNOR: Commission des méthodes statistiques
ISO: TC 69/WG 12


-Théories et méthodes de la statistique, 388 pages, Editions Technip, Paris, 1978
-L'analyse des données, 128 pages, Collection Que Sais-Je, Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1978. with J.M.Bouroche. 9th edition 2006, 50 000 ex. , arabic, italian,  portuguese translations.
- Probabilités, analyse des données et statistique, deuxième édition, 656 pages, Editions Technip, Paris, 2006
- co-editor with  J.J.Droesbeke & J.Fine : Plans d'expériences, Applications à l'entreprise, Technip, 1997, 520 pages.
- co-editor with J.J.Droesbeke & J.Fine: Méthodes bayesiennes en statistique, Technip, 2002,  418 pages.
- co-editor with C.Lauro, J.Antoch, V.Esposito : Multivariate Quality Control, Physica Verlag, 2002, 236 pages
- co-editor with J.J.Droesbeke & M.Lejeune : Modèles statistiques pour données qualtatives, Technip, 2005, 304 pages
- co-editor with J.J.Droesbeke & M.Lejeune : Analyse statistique des données spatiales,  Technip, 2006, 496 pages
- co-editor with J.J.Droesbeke : Analyse statistique des données longitudinales, Editions Technip, 2010, 288 pages
- co-editor with J.J.Droesbeke : Approches nonparamétriques en régression, Editions Technip, 2011, 448 pages
- co-editor with J. JDroesbeke , C. Thomas-Agnan - Modèles à variables latentes et modèles de mélange, Editions Tecnhip, 2013, 306 pages,
- co-editor with J.J.Droesbeke, C.Thomas-Agnan:, M.Maumy-Bertrand : Approches statistiques du risque, Editions Technip, 2014, 416 pages
- co-editor with J.J.Droesbeke, C.Thomas-Agnan: Méthodes robustes en statistique, Editions Technip, 2015, 206 pages
- co-editor of The Multiple Facets of Partial Least Squares and Related Methods,  Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics,  2016, 268 pages
- co-editor with F.Bertrand, J.J.Droesbeke, C.Thomas-Agnan : Model choice and model aggregation, Editions Technip, 2017, 355 pages


Journées d'Etudes en Statistique of SFdS (the french statistical society)
"Statistical Learning,  Theory and Application" CNAM 14-15 november 2002:
Compstat 2010  22-27 august, 2010

January 3, 2018