[Zl10] On Maximum Likelihood MIMO Detection in QAM-FBMC Systems.

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : PIMRC, December 2010, pp.183-187, Istanbul, Turkey,

Mots clés: Filter bank, FBMC, MIMO, Spatial multiplexing, SDM, Maximum likelihood, ML detection, Viterbi Algorithm, M-Algorithm.

Résumé: Multi-carrier modulation and especially CP-OFDM is widely used nowadays in several radio communications. However, FBMC is a potential alternative to CP-OFDM since it does not require cyclic prefix, and thus, it has a higher spectral efficiency. One of the characteristics of FBMC is that the received data are accompanied by a two dimensional intersymbol interference term (2D ISI), which complicates MIMO techniques when combined with optimum detection. In this paper we consider the association of FBMC with the multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technique focusing on the spatial data multiplexing (SDM), and we investigate the use of Maximum Likelihood (ML) detection. We propose modified FBMC schemes based on inserting null data among QAM symbols to reduce, in this way, the overlapping of the symbols.

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