[ZRL19] Non-Fragile Saturation Control of Nonlinear Positive Markov Jump Systems with Time-Varying Delays

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Nonlinear Dynamics, pp. ., 2019

Mots clés: Positive systems; nonlinear systems; Control

Résumé: This paper investigates non-fragile saturation control of nonlinear positive Markov jump systems, which contain sector nonlinear functions and time-varying delays. The saturation controller to be designed is supposed to have either multiplicative or additive gain uncertainty. First, a sufficient condition for the positivity of an auxiliary nonlinear system with sector restric- tion is established. By employing a nonlinear co-positive type Lyapunov functional, a non-fragile control of the considered systems with multiplicative and additive perturbations is proposed in terms of linear programming, respectively. A set of non-fragile state-feedback controllers associ- ated with auxiliary feedback gains is designed using a matrix decomposition technique. Based on the designed controllers, the corresponding closed-loop systems are positive and stable with a L 1 -gain performance and the system states converge to a cone set. Furthermore, an optimization method is developed to estimate the maximum invariant set. Compared with existing results, the proposed technique is not only less conservative but also reliable in practice. Finally, two simulation examples are provided to show the effectiveness of the obtained results.


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