[ZMB14] Adaptive Predistortion techniques for non-linearly amplified FBMC-OQAM signals

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : VTC 2014, May 2014, pp.1-5, KOREA,

Mots clés: FBMC-OQAM, OFDM, High Power Amplifier (HPA), Digital Predistortion (DPD), phase error sensitivity.

Résumé: The Filter Bank Multicarrier with Offset Quadra- ture Amplitude Modulation (FBMC-OQAM) is emerging as one of the alternatives to Orthogonal Frequency Division Multi- plexing (OFDM) for next generation broadband wireless access systems. In this paper, we focus on the nonlinear distortion effects in a FBMC-OQAM system when the signal is passed through a nonlinear High Power Amplifier (HPA) which is modeled as Saleh’s one exhibiting amplitude and phase distortions. First, we develop an analysis showing that the FBMC-OQAM signals are more sensitive to the phase distortion than OFDM signals. Then, we address the problem of the compensation of these distortions in FBMC-OQAM systems using digital predistortion (DPD) at the transmitter. Therefore, two DPD schemes are considered in this investigation and their performance are compared in OFDM and FBMC-OQAM systems.

Equipe: laetitia
Collaboration: 6'Tel


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