[Sap17d] Training Data Scientists: Challenges and Issues

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ENBIS 2017, September 2017, pp.89, Naples, Italie,

Auteurs: G. Saporta

Mots clés: Data science, education

Résumé: The Data Revolution leads to the creation of a large number of jobs, in particular those involved in big data analytics, namely the data scientists who are the heirs of statisticians and data miners. We first give some numerical information on the shortage of talents based on various recent sources. In a second part, we report the impact on training programs of the emergence of these new jobs, according to the qualities required. We address finally the training challenge : despite a remarkable development, initial training by universities will not be enough to provide quickly the thousands of specialists which are needed. Besides other solutions (bootcamps, on line courses, etc.) we advocate lifelong training of scientists and engineers already in service in order to respond to the mass demand for data scientists. A particular experience is presented. The conclusion calls for learned societies to be concerned about the certification of data scientists.

Commentaires: 17th annual conference of the European Nework in Business and Industrial Statistics


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