[SAB11] Proposal for a Dynamic Synchronous Language

Rapport Scientifique : Date de dépot: 2011/05/03, Nb pages 27, (Tech. Rep.: CEDRIC-11-2651)
Résumé: We propose a new scripting language called DSL bas- ed on the synchronous/reactive model. In DSL, sys- tems are composed of several sites executed asyn- chronously, and each site is running scripts in a syn- chronous parallel way. Scripts may call functions that are considered in an abstract way: their effect on the memory is not considered, but only their "orchestra- tion" i.e. the organisation of their calls in time and in place (the site where they are called). The mapping of sites onto cores allows one to benefit from multi- core architectures. Two properties are assumed by DSL: reactivity of sites and absence of interferences between scripts run by distinct sites. We consider several variants of DSL. In the first variant, functions are defined in FunLoft. In the second variant of DSL, functions are defined in ReactiveML and the JoCaml system is used for asynchronous inter-sites communi- cations. The third variant is based on SugarCubes which is a Java based framework for reactive pro- gramming. Finally, in the fourth variant, functions are defined in Scheme/Bigloo.

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