[RTC18] HybridNet: Classification and Reconstruction Cooperation for Semi-Supervised Learning

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), September 2018, pp.158-175, Munich, Germany, (DOI:

Mots clés: Deep Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, Reconstruction and Classification, Regularization, Invariance and Stability

Résumé: In this paper, we introduce a new model for leveraging un- labeled data to improve generalization performances of image classifiers: a two-branch encoder-decoder architecture called HybridNet. The first branch receives supervision signal and is dedicated to the extraction of invariant class-related representations. The second branch is fully un- supervised and dedicated to model information discarded by the first branch to reconstruct input data. To further support the expected be- havior of our model, we propose an original training objective. It favors stability in the discriminative branch and complementarity between the learned representations in the two branches. HybridNet is able to outper- form state-of-the-art results on CIFAR-10, SVHN and STL-10 in various semi-supervised settings. In addition, visualizations and ablation stud- ies validate our contributions and the behavior of the model on both CIFAR-10 and STL-10 datasets.


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