[RSV01] Semantic Integration of XML Heterogeneous Data Sources

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : IDEAS'01, January 2001, pp.199-208,
Résumé: With the current explosion of data, retrieving and integrating informationfrom various sources is a critical problem. The designer has to specifya mediated schema and descriptions of information sources. In this paper, we report on an initial work toward automatically generating mappings between the corresponding elements of the sources and of the mediated schema. Information sources we are interested in are XML documents accompanied by Document Type Definition, or DTD. So, we describe the Xyleme project, which is the context of thisstudy. We present our approach implemented in the SAMAG system to automaticallyfind mappings on the basis of structural and semantic criteria. Finally, we report the first results of an experiment where SAMAG has been applied to XML documents in the cultural domain.

Commentaires: International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium

Collaboration: ETIS


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