[RPL14] A File By Any Other Name: Managing File Names with Metadata.

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : International Conference on Systems and Storage (SYSTOR), March 2014, pp.1-11, Haifa, Israel,
Résumé: File names are an ancient abstraction, a string of characters to uniquely identify a file and help users remember the con- tents of a file when they look for it later. However, they are not an ideal solution for these tasks. Names often contain useful semantic metadata provided by the user, but this meta- data is opaque to the rest of the system. The formatting of the file name is up to the user, and as a result, metadata in file names is often error-prone, inconsistently formatted, and hard to search for later. File names need to be more mean- ingful and reliable, while simplifying application design and encouraging users and applications to provide more meta- data for search. We describe our prototype file system, TrueNames, a POSIX compliant file system which demonstrates an al- ternate approach to naming and metadata, by providing metadata-aware naming. Our approach is intended to be complementary to non-hierarchical systems, while remain- ing effective within a hierarchical context. TrueNames sep- arates the task of uniquely identifying a file from the task of helping the user remember its contents. It captures metadata in a more useable format, and uses it to generate file names which are correct, regenerable, and structured by design. TrueNames simplifies application design by providing a con- sistent interface for metadata aware naming, incurs minimal overhead of approximately 15% under realistic workloads, and can simplify a wide variety of data management tasks for both applications and users.

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